about sno

sno is about giving better service and value so you keep coming back

being better than you expected, without making a fuss about it

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"... every kind of business works best when customers come first ..."   snoman

about sno


a wise man once said that "any business is simply the process of imperfect humans, providing a thing or service, to other imperfect humans... "

at sno we believe the only way to be successful in business is to make sure the whole process is always handled not by systems or rules or processes, but by people

this is at the heart of the sno commitment to great service - we're always focussed, not on what the business wants, but on what the customer wants

that's not to say that we don't focus on being efficient - we need efficiency to deliver on our commitment to value - it simply means that everyone at sno knows it's their responsibility to put the customer experience first, because our business is really about sno customers and sno people, nothing else


there are essentially two quite different approaches to making a business more successful - increasing the profit margin and increasing the number of sales

most businesses try to do both, forgetting that the first method is actually quite antagonistic towards the second - make too much on each sale, people won't come back

at sno we believe that reducing the profit margin is the best way to increase sales... so we're committed to providing the best prices in town - it's the second half of our mission to be better than you expected - we won't be the cheapest at the expense of giving great service, but we're confident that we can offer the best value

sno group

  • Founded by former BBC executive Richard Sinclair, sno limited is the holding company for the sno group of businesses, which include the original sno ski business sno mobile
  • sno limited was created to manage the ski travel guide www.SNO.mobi which was launched as the world's first "ski resort guide for mobile-web"
  • after rapid growth of the mobile ski guide, sno ltd created www.SNO.co.uk as the desktop version of the website, for big-screen or "regular" internet users, on desktop PCs and laptops
  • gaining wide use among the UK skiing and snowboarding fraternity, winter 2008/09 saw the sno ski resort guides on mobile and desktop become the fastest growing winter sport websites in the UK
  • the Grand Alpine Tour of 30+ ski resorts by snoman and family was followed by thousands on twitter followers and the ski blog
  • sno limited is a member of the Travel Trust Association and all package holidays sold with flights are ATOL protected - our ATOL number is T7365
  • sno ltd partnered with the UK's biggest ski travel companies, to offer ski holidays from the biggest ATOL bonded tour operators all on one website
  • sno limited is the sole owner of the "sno ski" and "sno ski holidays" brands
  • the founder is currently developing new projects such as sno cruises to exploit the customer-centric approach and success of the sno brand
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sno group
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