sno mobile

  • the world's first ski resort guide to work on all mobile phones, employed cutting edge "device detection" and dynamic web-page coding in half a dozen different mobile browser languages, so that the website "simply worked" on over 99% of all cell phones in circulation
  • the ski resort guide was designed to make it easy for skiers and snowboarders to find and use local business while on their ski holidays
  • few people take a computer on ski holiday, but everyone carries a phone in their pocket - with apr├Ęs ski bars and restaurants, live webcams and snow reports, piste maps and ski schools...

" puts the whole ski resort in your pocket"

  • crucially for any business listed on our mobile ski resort guide, it puts your ski business in literally everyone's pocket, because it's the only ski website in the world to work on literally all mobile phones
  • the success of sno mobi was so great that, despite mobile browsing numbers being only a fraction of those on "regular" or big-screen web, the website overtook the traffic of many well established ski websites
  • conceived in 2006 by the founder of sno limited, was the first sno ski website and vehicle for the original idea to support local business in resort - it's still free to add your ski business today

sno mobile is still the world's top ski resort guide for mobile - in 2010 sno mobi also became the first mobile website to sell ski holidays on mobile web

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